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Action malignant neoplasm-Lesion focality20110331 (melanoma)-Infiltrating malignant neoplasm-Histologic type20110331 Alerts20110405 type20110331 type20110331 malignant neoplasm-Histologic grade (Gleason-Tertiary Pattern)20110331 situ neoplasm-Histologic type20110331 Status20110330 site20110331 malignant neoplasm-Lesion site20110331 role HL7 table 0369 for LAB20081214 4031 malignant neoplasm-Lesion site20110331 malignant neoplasm-pT nasopharynx carcinoma20110331
2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.3020Specimen Source (PHLIP)20081214 malignant neoplasm-KRAS mutational analysis20110331 Specialty20120620